Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Week in Review

Hi all! It has been a crazy busy week! Things at the church have kept us pretty busy, which is really nice, and we've had lots of other things to get done. But we still have had chances to do some fun stuff! And since work isn't real exciting, I'll update you on the fun stuff!
Monday afternoon we had the opportunity to go fishing with a friend from church and our Global Partner Area Directors, Jeff and Beth, and their daughter Emily. It was a beautiful evening; we watched the sunset and the moon rise on the ocean. An awesome experience. Not to mention the fish we caught! A couple snapper which we took home and ate for dinner that night! It was quite a process, we had never cleaned fish before and it took awhile to get all the meat off! But once we did, we battered it and cooked was delicious!!
Yesterday was another fun day, we went to the Auckland Zoo! I was like a kid running around looking at everything...a very good time. We also went to a delicious Italian restaurant for din-din. MMMMMMM...
Church tonight was very good. For one, it's been awhile since I've been there and feeling well. Last week I just showed up then we left right after service since we weren't feeling well. It was fun hanging out with everyone again and the service was really great!
Oh...update on the sickness thing. We've been told it is a bacterial thing, something we got from the river in Fiji. The river we bathed in and the food was cooked in and we ate fish from. I, and other members of the Fiji team, have been sick since being back, and have actually passed it on to Ryan (poor guy!). We've been told it is a re-occurring thing but should work its way out of our systems within four weeks or so. Lovely!
Tomorrow is Labor Day here in New Zealand and we are heading out of town with a group of friends from church. A little road trip to some hot springs in a cute town a few hours away. Looking forward to it!
This weekend is the Wesleyan conference in Napier (our old town). We'll be heading down on Wednesday for the weekend. Ryan will be playing in the worship band and I'll be sharing a bit on the Fiji trip (highlights only!). Should be a good time, looking forward to seeing our Napier family again!
More later!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

A Party to Remember

The last night we were in the village was pretty crazy. The villagers spent all day preparing for a wonderful feast, and decorating the eating area. They brought in these beautiful flowers and made amazing arrangements for the bamboo poles that held up the roof.
We had a church service first. Done mostly in Fijian, the prayers were beautiful and the singing was amazing. Hearing them sing was my favorite thing.
The second picture shows one of the Fijian men giving one of our team leaders, Jonathan, a Kava bowl. Kava is a very popular drink made from the Kava root. They pound and pound the root into a powder and mix it with water. It tastes like muddy water, and makes your tounge, lips and roof of your mouth tingle. If you take a lot, it can have the same effects as a hangover. Mainly, it relaxes you. BUT, I wasn't a fan, so I didn't have to worry about any of this!
The last picture is of the feast we had. It was delicious! If you look close enough, you can see my team members are covered in baby powder. For some reason, it is customary during a farewell to dump baby powder on one's head and rub it on the cheeks and forehead of each person. We were walking clouds of baby powder... but it smelled nice!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Navula Villiage

The goal of the build in Fiji was to have 4 houses complete by the time we left. Unfortunately we were unable to complete all four because of materials not being delivered. All four were built with all the walls and a roof and left in the villagers capable hands to complete.
This picture is of some of the Fijian guys working on one of the houses. It was great building alongside the Fijians. Half the time you wouldn't be able to carry on a conversation but a friendship was born each time.
More later!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Final Destination

I'm home! There were times during the trip I never thought I'd make back here! And my return flight wasn't with out it's troubles! I nearly didn't make it back into New Zealand. We had problems with my Permit which expired as soon as I left NZ, unknown to me! My team boarded the plane and left a very emotional me behind with a few friends staying in Fiji. The situation took a turn for the best 20 minutes before the plane left. I was cleared to fly when proof of a return ticket to the States was produced from a Qantas Airlines computer. I ran through security and immigration to a plane that erupted in cheers when I finally boarded. And I was excited to be there. I was so eager to be in New Zealand and get back to Ryan I was the first person off our 747 airplane.
This trip sure was an eventful one to say the least. I am safe at home now. Surprisingly, our last few days in Fiji at the resort, our team was visited by a new bug and we all were a bit sick again. So a full recovery is still underway, but all are happy!!
Thanks again to everyone for their prayers and support during the past few weeks. Thanks to those who called and emailed Ryan and supported him specifically during this crazy time. I know we weren't alone in any of this, we had our God and our friends supporting us the whole time. No matter where I could be, I really learned that. Thanks again to everyone, it really blessed us to hear from you all and we thank God for our family and friends!
Now all that's left is getting myself a big juicy hamburger with a side of fries! I'd be okay if I never saw rice or curry again!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thanks to All

Again, we wanted to thank you all for the support and prayers that you have lifted up for us. Angele is doing just fine now and is enjoying some down time at a resort in Fiji. She will be home this Saturday (Friday for you those in the states).

Again thank you all very much!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Angele is OK!

I talked with Angele on the phone, and she wanted to send you all this message:

"Thank you so much to all of our family and friends for your thoughts and prayers over these last few days. We are all doing much better now, and are heading back to the village today. Please continue to pray for protection over the rest of the week, and we will be sure to send an update as soon as we can. Love you all!"

And I(Ryan)would also like to thank you all for your generosity and your prayers for me and Angele. I know that God uses times like these to show us how truly blessed we are with the people that have been placed in our lives. Please feel free to contact us through e-mail, or by phone (just be aware of the time difference!).

Again we will continue to update you on any further developments as they may take place.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

A little Fiji news

Well, Angele has been in Fiji for the last week. But not all of that has been fun for her. 22 people went and 17 of them have gotten sick. Angele and her team mate, Marty, have both been taken to the hospital. They are both doing better now, and are recovering from this sickness. It is suppose to be a 24 hour bug, but it has taken a lot longer for these two. Marty has been very sick and is worse then Angele, please pray for him. Angele was dehydrated, and very sick. She is currently recovering, and has just started to be able to eat again. Please pray for my wife, as I do not know what I would do without her. Also, pray for the rest of their team as a mass majority of them have been affected by this virus.

We both appreciate your prayers, and support in this time. We will keep you updated with all the news.