Saturday, November 05, 2005

Wesleyan Conference 2005

The time we spent in Napier last weekend was so great! First of all, it was fantastic seeing everyone again. I loved it! It was great being back and seeing the kids from our Student Ministries there. The student band played in church Sunday morning and I was so proud of them! They did awesome! It was very encouraging to see them pressing on after we left; they are great kids.
Okay, besides the wonderful people of Napier, the conference was an overall hit. Dr. Wayne Schmidt and Rev. Dan Seabourn, both of West Michigan, were speaking throughout the weekend. It was great. Ryan helped with worship and techy-stuff and everything went off well. I shared about my Fiji trip and tried to encourage people to go next year. I also met Ruth Thomas, Director of World Hope Australia, and heard what all was going on in Africa. When she shared at Conference, I'm sure everyone in the room felt called to help in some way. I know I did!! :)
One of the highlights for me was during the evening rally on Friday night. There was a time of worship and the room was once again filled with many people from different cultures. Tongans, Fijians, was amazing hearing everyone sing in their own language. It was beautiful and I couldn't help get chills and wonder if this was what heaven might be like!
It was an amazing weekend!

Mt. Doom

On our way to Napier last weekend we stopped in Turangi and hiked the Tongariro Crossing with some friends. It was amazing! It took about 11 1/2 hours to complete, mainly because we took a not-so-short detour to climb Mt. Ngauruhoe, known to most as Mt. Doom from Lord of the Rings. The mountain is actually a volcano and is still active. In fact, it is continually releasing steam...pretty cool! It was so beautiful. We were in the clouds! 2291m, 7560 feet!
Here you can (barely) see us standing on the rim of the crater...kinda scary!! Quite a drop!
Another unique New Zealand experience!!