Friday, May 12, 2006

Weeks Like These

It's weeks like these that make me want to be some where else. Specifically, New Zealand. The weather here has been crap for the last week, and although we may need the rain, it makes me feel slightly depressed. Angele has had several encounters recently with people living or visiting New Zealand. I find that to be strange considering I was not even sure where it was before we went. I guess that is like buying a car that you like, and then you realize how many of them there are on the road. Does that happen to anyone else?
Anyway, I am really going to try to update this once a week at least.
My brother graduates from University tomorrow, so I get to see my family, and I am pretty excited about that. Even though we live in the same state it is still hard to see them.
Well we truly do miss the New Zealand atmosphere, not only for the weather, but for the people and laid back feel too. I know we will go back someday.
I will say this for the rain, I get to use my raincoat, and I really like it.



Blogger jeanie said...

Hey bud...

Sorry to burst your bubble but winter's come early this year, and like you, we've been having such poo weather...But I hear ya

11:56 PM  
Blogger servant said...

Feel free to just hop on a plane and come back

5:30 PM  

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